About 94% of quartz

What is Quartz

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. It has a crystalline structure and is extremely resistant to weathering and physical wear. Topzstone surfaces are composed of about 94% of this mineral, which makes them ideal for application on countertops.



We are a family owned and operated business.

Guidoni's milling plant transforms the quartz found in nature into sand of different particle sizes. This raw material makes up about 94% of the Topzstone surface and, mixed with other compounds, gains infinite shades and patterns.


During the preparation of meals, the counter receives different types of food and utensils. As much as the space seems sanitized, small particles, liquids and leftovers can impregnate the material and cause the appearance of harmful bacteria to health. With that in mind, Topzstone surfaces have almost no water absorption, easy to clean and maintain.

At all times and environments

Topzstone surfaces are ideal for composing varied styles, revealing themselves in a multitude of applications and possibilities, which allow for unique projects: from countertops and furniture tops to exclusive panels that give a touch of unique design to projects. Beauty, exclusivity, strength and versatility.


Topzstone by Guidoni is a surface made with the purest quartz and the latest technology that guarantees perfect cut and greater durability. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, it can also be used to coat floors and walls giving a contemporary and beautiful look to any environment.


Its beauty is revealed in a multitude of tones and movements. Topzstone by Guidoni offers 25 years of warranty and a complete portfolio that surprises the most demanding eyes.


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